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St. Anne Parish History

Timeline of
St. Anne
Catholic Church

On the left you will find links associated with periods of history for St. Anne's and her missions. If you have any photos or important information that you think my be of help to these pages, please contact our office.

Events from 1950-1959

1951 Father Dan Kelly obtained four Franciscan Sisters of the Atonement in February, 1951, to offer St. Anne parish religious instruction. The sisters opened a kindergarten with 23 children in the church on September 8, 1951. Parish Masses were already being celebrated in the larger parish gymnasium as the church was too small.

1952 Archbishop Edward Howard dedicated the second St. Patrick of the Forest church, Cave Junction, on May 11 1952.

1954 Father Kelly purchased 6 acres on N.E. 10th Street, Grants Pass, in 1954, for the construction of a new rectory, church, convent and school building for St. Anne parish.

1954 Father Kelly also oversaw the construction of a mission church, Holy Family, at Glendale. The church was to replace a lean-to meeting hall where Mass was celebrated after the first, and even smaller, church was sold and later demolished. Father Kelly obtained a $5,000 grant from the Catholic Extension Society on August 4, 1954, for the construction of the new Glendale church.

1956-1959 Father Kelly built his new rectory on 10th Street in 1956. He began construction of a new church in 1959. The new church was to be a fireproof, long rectangular building that would seat 700 persons. The original church design called for two rows of pews facing what is now the west entrance where the main altar was to be placed. Father Edmund Murnane, pastor of St. Mary parish in Eugene and friend of Father Kelly persuaded the St. Anne pastor to place the altar in the middle of the church so that people could see both the altar and the priest. 

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