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St. Anne Parish History

Timeline of
St. Anne
Catholic Church

On the left you will find links associated with periods of history for St. Anne's and her missions. If you have any photos or important information that you think my be of help to these pages, please contact our office.

Events from 1900-1949

1905-1909 Benedictine priests from Mt. Angel Abbey, Saint Benedict, Oregon, took over St. Anne parish from 1905 to 1909 due to a shortage of diocesan clergy. 1910—The St. Anthony chapel car of the Catholic Extension Society visited Grants Pass on March 3, 1910. 1922—Father George Coupal, brother of Father S.A. Coupal, pastor of St. Anne, celebrated his first Mass at St. Anne after his ordination to the archdiocesan priesthood in December, 1922.


1937-1941 There is a gap in our records, though we know that Fr. Franz J. Feinler served as pastor of St. Anne after the first church was built on "C" St. Fr. Feinler entered the Army  as a chaplain in 1909. He wrote an official, though unpublished, manuscript entitled, "Military History of Vancouver Barricks  in 1911," detailing the major actions for the Department of the Columbia (1850-1900). A book was written by Rory T. Conley in 1999 entitled, "Priest, Chaplain, Soldier... Spy? Father Franz J. Feinler and the Experience of German American Catholics during World War I." It was published by Catholic University of America in 1999. He was tried and found guilty of treason and spying for the Germans during World War I. A detail of his trial was published by the Army-Navy-Air Force Register and Defense Times, Volume 63 on April 6, 1918. He was sentenced to serve fifteen years in prison and paroled three years later. In 1921, President Harding pardoned Fr. Feinler, restoring his citizenship. 

1944-1946 Father Augustine Meyer, pastor of St. Anne, resumed saying Mass on a regular basis at St. Patrick of the Forest church in Cave Junction in 1944. He began celebrating Mass on alternate weeks between St. Patrick and Holy Family church in Glendale in 1945. St. Anne parish served three stations by 1946: Cave Junction, Glendale and Provolt. 

1948-1949 Father Meyer began construction of a gymnasium opposite St. Anne church in September, 1948. The building which served as a parish recreation and social hall, accommodated 300 persons and was located on what is now 8th and N.E. ‘C’ Streets. Archbishop Edward Howard dedicated the hall on September 18, 1949. Father Dan Kelly was pastor at its dedication.

This appears to be an ad in the local publisher, the Courier Litho (does not appear to be related to the Daily Courier).


Given Fr. Feinler's tenure, this places this ad between 1937 and 1941.


This is a rare look at the interior of the first church. Notice the statues are the same we still have today, minus Mary and Joseph which are new.


First church with gym/hall across the street.

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