"We are St. Anne Catholic Church. A welcoming community, inspired by the Holy Spirit, we seek to proclaim Christ's loving mission."


As spam is a very large problem on the Internet, we have implemented a system whereby the addresses are broken up, making it difficutl for a computer "bot" to scan our page and lift our email addresses.  So, in order to email us, please note that each person's email is made up of an Email User Name followed by our domain name.  To send us an email, use this format: where "NAME" is our Email User Name listed below.  Thank you for your patience, as we try to reduce spam.

Office Phone: 541-476-2240

FAX: 541-476-2194


Fr. William Holtzinger

Email User Name: wholtzinger

Fr. Stephen Kenyon
Parochial Vicar

Email User Name: skenyon

Dcn. Robert Chapin
Permanent Deacon (ret.)

Email User Name: rchapin

Pastoral Ministers

Sandra Lopez
Coordinator of Evangelization & Catechesis

Email User Name: slopez

Coordinator of Youth Ministry

Email User Name: 

Carri Pirosko
Coordinator of Faith Formation

Administrative Ministers

Stephen Voehl
Business Manager

Email User Name: svoehl

Email User Name: svoehl

Debbie Todor
Adminstrative Assistant

Email User Name: dtodor

Colleen Kotrba
School Principal 

Email User Name: ckotrba

Email User Name: ckotrba

Shawna Prestianni
School Office Manager

Email User Name: sprestianni

Carol Scherf

Email User Name: cscherf