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St. Anne Parish History

Timeline of
St. Anne
Catholic Church

On the left you will find links associated with periods of history for St. Anne's and her missions. If you have any photos or important information that you think my be of help to these pages, please contact our office.

Events from 1960-1970

1960-1962 Father Bernadin Singleton replaced Father Kelly as pastor of St. Anne in 1960 when the church was two-thirds completed. Father Singleton said the first Mass in the still unfinished church on February 4, 1962. Archbishop Edward Howard dedicated the new church on May 31, 1962.

1963 Holy Family Mission, Glendale, became a mission of All Souls parish, Myrtle Creek, on September 3, 1963.

1966-1967 Father Nicholas Deis succeeded Father Singleton as pastor of St. Anne. He saw the new sisters’ convent completed and blessed on October 22, 1966. The convent was located on the 10th Street property southwest of the church. He also saw the completion of the new St. Patrick of the Forest hall, Cave Junction, in 1967.

1967 Father Greg Gage became the first priest to be ordained from St. Anne parish. He was ordained for the Archdiocese of Portland on May 20, 1967, at the Portland Cathedral. Father Gage celebrated his first Mass the following day, May 21 Pentecost Sunday, at St. Anne. Archbishop Robert Dwyer was homilist for his first parish Mass.

1968 Father Deis added a second floor to the parish gymnasium on 8th and ‘C’ Streets. The upstairs was used as a parish hall and meeting room for the Knights of Columbus. The downstairs contained six classrooms, a kitchen and a smaller hall.

1969-1970 Father Jeremiah Linehan, pastor of St. Anne, established a new mission at Rogue River. Mass was first celebrated at Hope Presbyterian Church, Rogue River, on December 7, 1969. Father opened a station at Provolt on August 15, 1970, with a Saturday Vigil Mass at the Provolt Grange Hall.

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