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The Rosary and the Hook

Fully aware that I would start hearing things like, "I can't find it," and "I don't know where I put it," and "Why do I even need it?" I chose to deal with it ahead of time. Hanging a hook near our front door today, I had everyone place their Rosaries on it so we'd quickly have access to them each night when we pray.

A couple of those rosaries are very special. My oldest son and I both have Rugged Rosaries. You can find them online. His is the Black Monk model with a St. Christopher Cross. Mine is a battle ready blue. Both are strong enough to hang from a ledge with. In fact, mine weighs about a pound due to the metallic beads and weighty cross.

On the hook is also a single decade chaplet of wooden beads hand made in support of the widow of the late Internet Monk. That was the online moniker of a very famous Christian blogger going back near 15 years ago. He was quite an inspiration to me, and when he died it was surprising and sad. One of his biggest fans and eventual partners made those special chaplets to help his widow pay for things after his death. The blog provided quite an income for the Internet Monk, and when he could no longer write, it was difficult for them.

My Knights rosary is on that hook. As is a rosary given to me by my wife this past Christmas. I love that love very much. It includes a medallion that fans out from a single point into three plates that include all the Mysteries in case you cannot remember them.

When it was time to recite the prayers tonight, the kids new exactly where their rosaries were and needed very little prodding to return them when we were done.

Instead of reciting the Sorrowful mysteries tonight a second time this week, my wife had the great idea that each of us should petition an intention at the beginning of each decade. My oldest boy went first and he prayed for my foot. I love that boy. Then my youngest boy prayed for all the people who have the coronavirus. My daughter prayed that hospitals not be over-run and that doctors not become over-worked. I'm sure my wife appreciated that. My wife prayed for peace in Grants Pass, and I prayed that God reduce the fear and anxiety of all my loved ones in my extended family I call the church.

If you let me know what you want prayer for, at our next Rosary my family will offer up that intention.

Blessings and good health family church,


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