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The Gifts of the Holy Spirit pt. 3 - Fortitude

So, here is the video I promised talking about Fortitude.

Below are some of my favorite YouTube creators, so if you want to get to know some of the things I enjoy, check out some of their clips. Please, ask anything you want about why I watch these videos and why I like them so much.

Finally, see if you can find the one mistake I said in the first half of the vid.

As a bonus, I found a very cool gif depicting Cap and his expression of Fortitude. Enjoy!


Grappler Kingdom – Judo

Fr. Mike Schmitz – Ascension Presents -

Bishop Robert Barron – Word on fire

RC World – Remote Control Planes

PaddyPatrone War planes in flight -

Joerg Sprave The Slingshot Channel – German Homemade Weapon & Tool Guy

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