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Harmel Academy of the Trades

I found about this exciting new college just this morning. Work like this by our Catholic Family is precisely the kind of thing that can change our now and near future world. We need strong, young men of Catholic Faith now as much as ever. AND, we need skilled young men to help build America into the economically sound and industrial world leader it can be, again.

This COVID crisis has flipped the world upside down in many ways. America has a chance to become a land of faithful working families seeking to BUILD a new and better future for the next generation. It will take Faith Focused Men (and women), trained to work in the trades and industries most desperate for skilled workers. Grants Pass and the So. Oregon Valley could benefit greatly by having a school like Harmel.

Watch the video. How awesome is it that a local Reformed Bible College so believes in this CATHOLIC mission, that they have partnered with them to host the first resident class of 2020!


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