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Easter, New Life, New Birds

Today I bought my older boy two new parakeets. I know. I must be insane. Certainly, I have some kind of brain disorder. This is not the time to introduce even MORE work and stress into the household, but…it makes him happy.

Helping my kids find joy during this extremely stressful time is one of the most important jobs I have right now. About an hour ago, it was announced school closures will be extended to Apr. 29th. Even my kid who is home schooled is not happy about that.

We are doing our best to still study, work, and serve each other. And now we have two more mouths to feed. Good thing they eat like birds! That makes 4 rabbits (soon to be 10 or more; SMH), 3 cats, 2 birds, and 1 fish. Did I mention the 100lb pure blood German Shepherd?

One would think four CHILDREN would be enough…what have I done?

The new birds have already brought new life into our family. The kids are really enjoying them. My boy is already trying to teach them how to say his nickname. I suggested he sit with them every day and say the name 100 times. Maybe in a month or so they’ll be able to mimic it.

Call it – Sacred Repetition.

Like Joshua leading the Israelites around Jericho in a circle for days and days (Joshua 6). Or how Naaman had to dip in the filthy Jordan river multiple times to be healed of leprosy (2 Kings 5). Or how God called Samuel over and over one night (1 Samuel 3). Or how Jesus repeatedly asks Peter, “Do you love me?” (John 21)

Like partaking of the Lord’s Supper every time we celebrate the Mass.

And now, no Mass. No Easter Vigil. No Sacramental Repetition this Spring. This Spring is turning out to be completely unlike any Spring I have ever had. Nothing is turning out the way it usually does. In fact, predictable repetition is hardly how I would describe this Spring. It’s turning out to be the most unusual and unpredictable Spring ever.

But we are still called to The Spirit. We fuel our daily purpose with the Faith graced to us by God. We Hope in the results, seek Joy amidst this difficult time, reach out to those we Love, and affect Peace wherever we go. Now, more than ever, our community needs those of us who follow Jesus to persevere. If life is going to be so unpredictable, let us surprise those around us with the Peace and Love we find in Christ Jesus.

Confirmation Class: Read the above scriptures. Know those stories of sacred repetition. Think of a way you too can develop a maturity of faith and a strength of resolve through doing something over and over in service to yourself and Jesus.


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