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The Thirsting and The Rosary

My family started praying The Rosary in the evenings this week. It has really been wonderful. I think going through the Mysteries is key to making the whole experience a blessing. I use iMissal on my phone to guide us. I very much enjoy the narratives the app uses for the Mysteries.

Daniel Oberreuter, Portland native and member of The Thirsting, is an acquaintance of mine and friend of our Parish. He reminded me today that they have put together a great resource to help you pray the Rosary called Come Hold My Son. I encourage you to check it or iMissal out. Take time to pray as a family during these stressful times. You might find it build your faith and hope muscles just like exercise for your body.

Can any of you say you have enough faith and hope? At the very least I could use a greater sense of peace right now.

Let me know how my family can pray for yours, and we'll continue to face these days challenges together.

Blessings and good health,


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