Stewardship to Your Parish


Do you want to give financially to the church, but do not know how with all the social distancing guidelines in place, please consider giving electronically/online. It is very simple. Just click the image of the collection basket, above, and follow the instructions. That is all there is to it!


With all that has been ongoing with regard to COVID-19, St. Anne continues to strive for excellence in our efforts of evangelization, promoting the Sacraments, and building community. That means, we continue to employ our ministers to engage in new ways to make these goals a reality. We also have been striving to keep our grounds and facilities in the best condition. All of this, of course, costs money. We have been amazed and so grateful for those who have been able to continue to give in terms of their financial stewardship to our churches. We also understand that this may not be possible for all. In those cases, we ask that you pray for the ministries of our parish and her missions. In both cases, we want to thank you for your faithful stewardship.

We here at St. Anne use an online portal called, SimplGive. By clicking this link or the graphic above, you can make a simple gift to our parish, our school, or one of our missions. It's safe, simple, and secure.  Thank you for your =finaicial stewardship to our parish.