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Who are we? St. Anne is a small, family-oriented community that works in partnership and collaboration with parents and shareholders to create a faith-filled, supportive, and loving community that promotes children's love of and active engagement in learning and building faith. 


What are we looking for? We are looking for two certificated teachers for two blended classroom positions, one for a 1st/2nd grade class and one for a 3rd/4th grade class. (Class sizes range from 13-17 students.)


Benefits: Our small class sizes offer a better probability of success for students and less probability of distance-learning due to COVID-19. In addition, our small class sizes enable us to implement state mandated distancing and our expectation of 5 full days of in-class teaching from day one of school. As a faith-based school, we are not just free to share our faith, it is an essential part of our foundation and integrated part of our curriculum. These positions offer full medical benefits including dental and vision. Go to the following link to begin application process: 

Click here to go to the following link to begin application process.